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I have heard it stated that motherhood is described as the gift that allows us to hold life, give life and speak life to our young. Supporting women in birth is a sacred privilege.
My journey toward becoming a doula began before I even knew what the word or profession entailed. I am awestruck by the capacity of a woman’s body to carry, sustain and bring life into the world. After struggling through infertility and loss, I am grateful to be the mother of six children. From forceps, to a vaginal breech delivery, from inductions with epidurals and a natural birth out of the hospital, each birth has ended with the beautiful sound of my babies drawing their first breath of life. Needless to say, from my own personal births as well as the births I have attended, I am fascinated by the uniqueness of each experience. 

Because I believe that information is empowering, I have sought to learn as much as possible about birth and share that knowledge with others. In 2014, I completed my doula training through CAPPA, one of the world’s top doula organizations. I am currently in process of finishing the requirements needed to earn my certification. I seek to aid couples in educating themselves about pregnancy and the birthing process, as well as to empower women to trust in the God given ability to bring forth life.

The Lord has placed a passion in my heart to serve Him through supporting others in the birthing process; therefore my goal is to see couples work together as a team. My hope is that the families I serve will look back on the birth of their children as a rich season that allowed them to experience courage, beauty and strength in themselves. I am a firm believer that it is not only a baby being born but a family unit as well. Being a doula allows me the privilege of combining my passion for pregnancy and birth with my love of serving and seeing families strengthened.

 My desire is for every woman to have a positive birth experience and to champion the individual choices and hopes for each family I get the privilege to serve.  Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Fee: $900