From the time I got married in 2012, having babies was a conversation I frequently had with my husband. I graduated with my Associates Degree in Nursing in 2013 and knew there was more to birth than what I had seen in the hospital. I became very intrigued and mentioned the idea of having a natural labor to my husband. He was completely on board with helping me research the topic.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, it became my mission to have a natural birth with her. My success of having the natural birth I had always dreamed about became possible with my amazing doula. She carried me through every step and encouraged me throughout the entire process. My experience with birth gave light to the plan the Lord had for me. I finally saw the bigger picture of what had been had been laid on my heart so long ago. I knew exactly what the next season of my life was going to bring. 

This began my journey to becoming a doula. I wanted to be one of the women empowering others, the way my doula did for me. I attended training with the CAPPA organization in March 2016 to become a Certified Labor Doula (CLD). I'm excited about this passion that has been laid on my heart. The moment that a mama looks into her baby's eyes and says "we did it!" is what makes it all worth it. I am blessed to stand beside these women through one of the most important journeys in their lives. The Lord has placed this desire on my heart to help woman achieve the birth they have dreamed of. I believe that birth is a normal, natural process and I am grateful to help a first time mom or a seasoned mom bring the birth they are wanting to life. It is an absolute privilege and honor to encourage and support these mamas through the moments leading up to meeting their precious gift for the first time. 

Fee: $900